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Where to try the best olive oil in Istria?


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May 7, 2024

For the last seven years, Istria has been named as the best olive oil producer by Flos Olei! This Mediterranean land proudly wears the crown as the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Region in the World.

But it isn't just about the quality, it's the passion and dedication of the people behind it. There are nearly 100 producers, many of them family-run businesses passed down through the generations.

So, if you're planning a getaway to Istria, don't miss the chance to try the best Istrian olive oil and become part of a unique tasting experience!

Top 5 olive oil tastings in Istria

Oio Vivo

Between Pula and Vodnjan, located only 5 km from the Adriatic sea, lies Oio Vivo - the largest olive grove in southern Istria! Their land is home to more than 15,000 olive trees, producing 6 unique types of extra virgin olive oil.

As you explore their olive groves on a guided tour, you'll get to taste their oils paired with traditional homemade Istrian small bites.

Don't forget to try their awarded extra virgin olive oils: 

  • Vodnjanska Buža
  • Rozinjola 
  • Žižolera


Welcome to the Ipša Olive Fields, where Klaudio and Irena have been cultivating olive trees since the late 90’s! 

Over time, their small home became an olive paradise spanning 17 hectares of olive groves. Inside you can explore their oil mill, cellar, tasting rooms and Istrian tavern where you can enjoy many famous local dishes! 

Ipša famous organic oils you need to try: 

  • Frantoio
  • Leccino
  • Selekcija


Meet the Chiavalon family, artisans of fine olive oil! 

This family heritage is well-known for ecological production that blends old customs with modern technology ensuring top quality. 

While relaxing amongst 9,000 olive trees and enjoying the flavors of award-winning oils, you'll discover more about their family business and the land's history.

Chiavalon olive oils you must try: 

  • Istra
  • Ex Albis
  • Atilio

Nono Remiđo

Another award-winning olive oils you should try are the one named after the Vanđelić grandfather, Nono Remiđo. 

Their estate is located in the western Istria between Bale and Rovinj. On the land that covers 60 hectares of olive groves and other fruit trees, you will find friendly farm animals, an oil mill, a tasting spot and a cellar. 

To produce top-quality extra virgin olive oil, the family handpicks olives during the early harvest to maintain freshness. After handpicking, olives are taken to the oil mill for cold pressing, preserving their natural flavors. 

Olive oils recommended by Flos Olei: 

  • Finide 
  • Buža
  • Rosinjola

Monte Rosso

In the small village of Crveni Vrh in northwestern Istria, the Monte Rosso olive estate waits to be discovered. 

Since 2006, their home has grown into a diverse agricultural land with over 14,000 olive trees, more than 50,000 grapevines, and plenty of fruit trees.

As you wander through the olive groves and vineyards, you'll experience the authentic taste of Istria. Take a moment to relax and enjoy tasting olive oils surrounded by pure nature.

Olive oils you should try:

  • Grand Selection 
  • Grand Selection Platinum 
  • Casa Blend

BONUS: Olive Oil Museum in Pula

Next stop on your olive oil journey through Istria should be a visit to the local museum in Pula – the House of Istrian Olive Oil! Here, you'll dive into the rich history of this region and its olive oil tradition that goes back 2000 years.

Besides learning about the oil-making process, you'll get to know different classifications of it.

Prepare for a gastronomy journey, as the museum also offers tours and tastings featuring the finest olive oils in Istria!

Be a part of an olive harvest!

Experience the complete olive oil journey by joining locals for an exciting olive harvesting adventure! As October begins, olive gatherings start across all Istria. With events in charming towns like Vodnjan, Novigrad and many others, you'll have the chance to experience the tradition of hand-picking olives.

Get ready for a fun day filled with nature, live music, and delicious homemade food. Meet friendly locals and learn all about olive oil production while enjoying the harvesting season surrounded by these ancient olive groves.

Final thoughts

Istria stands out as a truly remarkable region, offering stunning landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. Tasting the finest olive oils while surrounded by nature isn't just about enjoying the flavors; It is also about stepping into the heart of the region and uncovering its tradition. 

Prepare for a unique gastronomy journey and meeting the locals while learning more about the history of Istria and its traditions!

And if you're looking to explore Istria in a unique way, our tailored buggy tours are the perfect fit. Riding through ancient olive groves & sampling delicious olive oil along the way, is just a small part of our adventure!