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Best wine experiences in Istria!

Our ultimate Istrian wine guide & top 7 wineries to visit!


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April 9, 2024

Welcome to the ultimate guide for wine lovers or travel enthusiasts seeking to explore the gastronomy of Croatia's coastline. Istria is known for its premium wines and breathtaking vineyards, offering the perfect blend of family tradition and innovation.

If you’re planning a vacation in this beautiful region, you must visit some of the best local wineries and be a part of a unique wine-tasting experience. 

Traditional Istrian wine varieties

Before we dive into the list of top-rated local wineries, let's introduce you to traditional Istrian wine varieties.

Istrian Malvazija:

This grape variety dominates Istria's vineyards, offering a refreshing white wine with floral and citrusy notes, perfect for pairing with Adriatic seafood. 


A rich red color stands for Teran -  a red wine filled with robust aromas and a hint of acidity. It’s often blended with Merlot to create smoother flavors.

Muškat Momjanski:

Found mainly in the Momjan region, Muškat Momjanski is a medium-sweet wine with a fruity character. These wines are often referred to as dessert wines because of their sweet notes.

International Blends:

Influenced by neighbors in Italy, Istria also offers international varieties like Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay, Syrah, and Merlot.


Over the last decade, Istria has become a global destination for wine tastings! Its exceptional wineries and stunning vineyard landscapes have captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. 

Here, wines are known for their quality and taste character that reflects centuries-old traditions and the passion of local winemakers.


Located in the small village of Bale, Meneghetti Winery offers fantastic wines, olive oil production, and a fancy mediterranean hotel for a peaceful countryside getaway. They've been making award-winning wines for years! 

Here you can enjoy wine tastings surrounded by lush vineyards and olive trees while discovering a mix of local and imported grape varieties, grown on the unique 'Red Land' of Meneghetti's vineyards.

These are the most popular Meneghetti wines you must try when visiting Istria: 

  • Meneghetti Malvazija
  • Menghetti White
  • Meneghetti Red
  • Meneghetti Black label Malvazija


Near Momjan, you will find the beautiful vineyards of the family Kozlović!

Surrounded by olive groves and stunning landscapes, this modern vinery has been crafting exceptional wines for generations, while still preserving Istria's rich winemaking traditions. 

The Kozlović family's winemaking legacy dates back to 1904 when they began cultivating wine on just one hectare of land. Thanks to their dedication and love for grapes, they've become one of Croatia's most-known wineries.

Their most popular wines are: 

  • Malvazija Istriana Santa Lucia
  • Malvazija Istriana Selection
  • Svinjon 2020
  • Santa Lucia Noir
  • Muscat Momjanski


The next winery, on a hill called Štancija (also located near Momjan) bears a famous name Kabola!

Offering stunning views of the Alps and Dolomites, this winery is located in a traditional stone building. The Markežić family has been crafting exceptional wines since 1891, using traditional ways to ferment the wine - large terracotta pots called “amphorae”.

Kabola's most popular wines:

  • Teran Amfora
  • Malvazija Unica
  • Muškat Momjanski
  • Malvazija Amfora
  • Kabola Cuvee Supremo


The next winery is located beneath the hill of Motovun, hidden from all views!

You might not recognize it from the outside because Roxanich Winery is placed several floors underground! Their building reflects a unique wine-making process that involves long aging in the cellar.

They are well-known for their natural wines and traditional methods of cultivating grapes.

If you want to try something new like the ‘orange wine’ which includes honey, apricot, and caramel notes, then Roxanich vineyards are your must-visit destination!

Recommended Roxanich wines are:

  • Roxanich Porat Antenal
  • Roxanich Rovigno
  • Roxanich Sauvage
  • Roxanich Superistrian


"Quantity is not important, but quality” is the Rossi winery motto. The winery is located in the small Istrian village called Vižinada.

In this winemaking family, tradition meets excellence since 1885. They are famous even beyond Croatia for their multiple award-winning top-quality wines, but also for their other locally made products like traditional Istrian brandies, premium craft liqueurs, and gin!

Their wines you must try:

  • Istarska Malvazija 
  • Malvazija Templara Riserva
  • Moro
  • Yellow Muškat


If you want to try one of the best dessert wines from Croatia, head to the heart of Motovun and visit Benvenuti Winery!

Surrounded by beautiful vineyards, the winery is located next to the home of the Benvenuti family. Their rich history of winemaking dates back to 1946, but it wasn't until 2003 that their products became available to anyone outside their family and friends.

Benvenuti wines have won numerous awards, including platinum and regional champion titles at some of the world’s most influential competitions. 

They offer a unique tasting experience where you'll have the chance to sample their most famous wines paired with delicious local food.

Must-try Benvenuti famous wines: 

  • Teran Anno Domini
  • Malvazija Anno Domini
  • Muscat San Salvatore 
  • Teran Santa Elisabetta


Just a short drive from Buje, in the small village of Brajki you will find Clai Wines which are celebrated for its organic creations!

This winery is all about sustainability and making wines through natural methods. Besides wines, they also produce olive oil and grappa.

Enjoy a wine tasting surrounded by vineyards that spread over 10 hectares! You will also have a chance to try traditional food like Istrian sausages and homemade bread with olive oil. It's a must-visit spot for a truly authentic Istrian experience!

Recommended wines: 

  • Brombonero Refošk
  • Sv. Jakov Malvazija
  • Baracija Malvazija
  • Ottocento white
  • Ottocento red

Outro & Happy wine tasting in Istria!

Istria is truly a paradise for food & wine lovers. Long history of winemaking and stunning landscapes make it the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore the local gastronomy.

With its reputation as the best wine-producing region in Europe, it became a leading tourist destination.

While planning a trip to Istria make sure to explore beautiful vineyards, taste the local wines and soak in the beauty of this charming region. We wish you a lovely vacation!